Actress Kim Hee Sun spotted filming for ‘Running Man’


Actress Kim Hee Sun has been confirmed to appear on the 100th episode of SBS‘s ‘Running Man‘.

Last week, we reported that the actress was considering making an appearance on the popular variety program, but felt a bit hesitant due to her tight schedule for her upcoming drama. However, witnesses have already spotted the actress participating in filming with the other ‘Running Man’ cast members on June 18th.

Numerous photos were quickly uploaded onto various community boards and social networking sites (SNS) with posts titled, “Eyewitness account of Kim Hee Sun with ‘Running Man’“. The posts read along the lines of, “Kim Hee Sun was by the Han River with the cast members“, “She looks like a goddess in person“, “I saw them filming at Mapo-gu, Seoul“, “Kim Hee Sun and Yoo Jae Suk were walking side by side“.

The photos show the actress surrounded by the cast members and her name tag is visible, confirming her appearance for the upcoming episode. The other pictures that show Yoo Jae Suk looking sharp in an all-green suit and Song Ji Hyo in a short red dress piqued the curiosity of many as to what sort of race the program has in store for the upcoming 100th episode of the show.

Don’t miss this episode scheduled to air on June 24th!

Source & Image: TV Report via Nate ; allkpop


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