Donica Streling to visit Korea and meet with Super Junior & SHINee

Donica Streling, the amazing 15 year old girl who found hope after listening to K-Pop will finally be stepping foot into Korea. Donica who is suffering from a terminal disease will be flying to Incheon Airport on June 16th, accompanied by her mother, grandmother, and her nurse, as well as attorneys Kim Bong Jun and Bae Mun Kyung of Kim & Bae law firm who first reported her story through Maeil KyungJae Newspaper.

A representative from Kim & Pae remarked, “Donica who yearned to visit Korea after watching dramas and songs is excitedly looking forward to her flight.

Before she returns to the States on July 2nd, Donica will be staying in Korea for two weeks to enjoy the city of Seoul, and also pay a visit to Angels’ Haven, a welfare facility for children with disabilities. Donica will be staying at the Marriott in Seoul, and receive treatment at St. Mary’s Hospital Catholic University Medical College in Yeoeuido.

Donica will also get a chance to meet her favorite K-Pop stars, SHINee and Super Junior. Donica will be visiting the set of Super Junior’s Music Video shoot on the 17th, and a meeting with SHINee is also arranged for her. Special events where Donica will get to take photos and exchange gifts with the stars are also scheduled.

The young girl’s wish to visit Korea is being fulfilled thanks to a Canadian businessman who was impressed by the care taking of Donica’s grandmother at a hospital. He decided to sponsor her visit to Korea and pay for all the expenses.

Source & Image: MK News ; allkpop


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