YG Entertainment plans to debut SuPearls in September at the latest


YG Entertainment revealed that they are officially beginning to prepare for the debut of SuPearls.

On June 15th, Yang Hyun Suk revealed to Star News, “We have already prepared a dorm for SuPearls as well as a separate practice room for the group…SuPearls will debut as soon as possible, and their first album will be released in September at the latest.

He continued, “SuPearls already possess skills that have been acknowledged and have a lot of fans who miss them. This is why we decided on an early debut…It is planned that I will be in charge of the whole production process of SuPearls’ debut album.

Currently, YG is putting all their effort to create a female vocal group like Big Mama, and is sparing no cost. As such, he will personally be involved in every detail for SuPearls’ debut.

Meanwhile, Lee Ha Yi is also reported to be preparing for a solo activities under YG Entertainment as well in addition to group activities.

Source: Star News via Nate  ; allkpop


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