Joo Ji Hoon to make his first small screen comeback in five years


Actor Joo Ji Hoon will be making his first comeback to the small screen in five years through SBS‘s ‘Five Fingers‘ (temporary title).

Joo Ji Hoon will be playing the role of a prodigious pianist that must fight to have his potential recognized due to coming from an unfortunate family background.

His comeback has caused quite a stir amongst netizens, as in 2009, he was indicted for the use of drugs and sentenced to six months suspended sentence for one year and community service. He then enlisted in the army and was discharged last year before being cast in the movie ‘I Am a King‘.

Currently, he is still on the ban list for KBS and MBC.

Key East Entertainment stated, “Joo Ji Hoon is reflecting on the disappointment he’s given so many people deep in his heart. He’s still apologetic about what he did and deliberated a lot about coming back onto the screen in front of the public, but he’s put a lot of trust in the director and writer, both of whom persuaded him to take the casting offer. He decided to confirm it after seeing the many charms his character has.”

They continued, “He’ll apologize by returning to his roots and showing even better acting. He’s determined to not disappoint the people that have given him another opportunity and will do his best to greet you all with a more mature image.”

Source + Photos: Kuki News via Naver allkpop


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