SM Entertainment to hold digital exhibition, S.M.ART EXHIBITION, in August


SM Entertainment will be holding an IT exhibition, the S.M.ART EXHIBITION.

S.M.ART EXHIBITION will be held from August 10th to the 19th, a total of ten days at the COEX in Seoul, Samseong-dong. SM’s premium contents will be showcased in state-of-the-art digital technology. SM and global businesses have collaborated together to present the world’s first interactive entertainment exhibition, allowing visitors to enjoy and become emotional with its various features.

Most notably, the exhibit will showcase a 3D stereoscopic theater where visitors will be able to meet SM artists in front of them. In addition, there will be holographs of live performances, with high quality production and the scale of an exhibition. Visitors will also be able to experience the 360 degree camera that was used in ‘The Matrix‘. With a large screen, visitors will be able to make video calls and meet stars, making it different from regular digital entertainment exhibits. It is expected to be a great digital experience for both domestic and overseas fans.

The exhibit will be on a world tour platform, the ‘S.M.ART EXHIBITION WORLD TOUR’, as global fans will also be able to experience the exciting digital technology.

Source: TV Report via Naver


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