Park Ji Sung selects YoonA as his ideal type + sends her a video message


Manchester United’s Park Ji Sung caught the attention of many viewers for selecting his ideal type as none other than Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA.

On the June 3rd episode of SBS‘ ‘Running Man‘, Park Ji Sung was given a secret spy mission of eliminating both ‘Running Man’ members and fellow guest, IU. The cast members and guests then visited Thailand for a survival mission race.

During the middle of the episode, Park Ji Sung was given the chance to make his debut as an emcee by momentarily replacing Yoo Jae Suk. He then participated in an ‘ideal type World Cup’, where he faced the tough decision of choosing between four girl groups: Girls’ Generation, miss A, Wonder Girls, and KARA.

For the first round, the soccer player picked Girls’ Generation over Wonder Girls and for the second, he selected miss A over KARA.

After much hesitation, Park Ji Sung ended up selecting Girls’ Generation over miss A for the final round.

HaHa was then prompted to ask, “Which member do you like the most in Girls’ Generation?” to which he replied, “This is hard. I really don’t think I can choose!” However, after much contemplation, Park Ji Sung selected YoonA.

He then sent a video message to the singer shyly saying, “YoonA, oppa is currently on a break so do you have time to meet up?


Source & Image: TVDaily via Nate ; allkpop


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