Who is the #1 Male-Male celebrity couple?

An online portal site recently held a survey asking its participants, “Which male celebrities do you want to mix together?”

The couple voted as the male celebrities poll takers most wanted to mix together were actors Kim Soo Hyun and Jung Il Woo, who both starred in MBC‘s ‘The Moon that Embraces the Sun‘.

The young men dominated the voting process as the most favored ‘Male-Male couple’ by capturing 45% of the total votes. Following right behind were couples, Kang Dong Won and Won Bin while third place went to actors Yoo Ah In and Lee Jae Hoon who are currently filming SBS‘s ‘Fashion King‘, and ‘One Night Two Days‘s Lee Seung Gi and Lee Seo Jin came in last with 5%.  Lee Seo Jin once guested on KBS‘s ‘One Night Two Days’ and received much love for his heartwarming sunbae-hoobae relationship with Lee Seung Gi.

Which other Male-Male couple should be on this list?

Source + Photos: Osen via Nate ; allkpop


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