The Top 10 High Rating Drama for 2011!


With 2011 coming to a close, the industry has been busy calculating the annual best of the best, among them being the top TV shows of the year.

Recently, a list of top 10 TV shows with the highest viewer ratings was released, in which KBS dominated with eight dramas. Interestingly enough, their ‘Happy Sunday‘ was also the only variety program to make the top 10 cut amidst fierce competition from other dramas.

SBS managed to keep its pride thanks to the success of its dramas ‘Secret Garden‘ and ‘Deep-Rooted Tree‘. MBC, on the other hand, didn’t have a single drama or variety show on the list.

Shows were ranked by TNmS based on total average viewer ratings nationwide. Check out the rank below!

1. KBS, ‘Smile, Donghae’ – 36.4%
2. SBS, ‘Secret Garden’ – 26.5%
3. KBS, ‘Ojakgyo Brothers’ – 25.5%
4. KBS, ‘Believe In Love’ – 22.8%
5. KBS, ‘Women of Our Home’ – 21.5%
6. KBS, ‘Only You’ – 19.9%
7. KBS, ‘Happy Sunday’ – 18.4%
8. KBS, ‘Princess’ Man’ – 17.3%
9. SBS, ‘Deep-Rooted Tree’ – 17.1%
10. KBS, ‘King Gwanggaeto the Great’ – 16.7%

Source + Photos: Mydaily via Naver ; allkpop


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