Naver unveils 2011′s top search words ranking


With just a few weeks left until the year’s end, one of Korea’s biggest search portal sites, Naver, has revealed their list of 2011′s most popular search terms.

In the overall category, some of the entertainment-related rankings included singing variety show ‘I Am a Singer‘ at 3rd, ‘Dream High‘ coming in at 4th, ‘Superstar K3‘ in 7th, and Lee Ji Ah and Im Jae Bum ranked 9th and 10th respectively in the top 10. Coupon distribution site ‘Coupang‘ topped the ranking by coming in at 1st.

In the category of movies, the rankings are as follows:

1. Sunny
2. Transformers 3
3. Dogani (The Crucible)
4. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2
5. Sector 7
6. War of the Arrows
7. Black Swan
8. The Front line
9. Children…
10. Kung Fu Panda 2

For dramas, the rankings are as follows:

1. Dream High
2. Secret Garden
3. Smile, Donghae
4. City Hunter
5. The Greatest Love
6. Princess’ Man
7. All My Love
8. Sign
9. 49 Days
10. Warrior Baek Dong Soo

For entertainment/variety shows, the rankings are as follows:

1. Our Sunday Night
2. Superstar K3
3. Infinity Challenge
5. Birth of a Great Star 2
5. Music Bank
6. Inkigayo
7. Happy Sunday
8. Happy Sunday
9. We Got Married
10. Gag Concert

For concerts and musicals, the rankings are as follows:

1. Jekyll & Hyde
2. Varekai
3. Heaven’s Tears
4. 2011 Big Bang Concert ‘Big Show’
5. Kim Yuna’s Ice Show, ‘All That Skate’
6. Im Jae Bum Concert
7. Aida
8. Jump
9. Incheon Hallyu Music Wave
10. Jo Yong Pil & Birth of a Great Star

Search categories were also divided by age group. Entertainment-related results for teens included popular ulzzang star ‘Han Ahreumsongyi‘ in 3rd, cable variety show ‘Ulzzang Generation 4‘ in 6th, and IU in 10th.

There were no entertainment-related results for the 20′s, 30′s, 40′s, and 50′s age groups.

As an interesting comparison, the top search for males was ‘Baseball 9‘, a popular sports news site, while for females, it was idol group SHINee. Males also had no entertainment-related searches in the top 10, while females had SHINee, Big Bang (ranked at 3rd) and B2ST (ranked at 4th).

Source + Photos: Naver ; allkpop


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